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Power Rangers: Dino Charge Unleashed

PowerrangdinoI believe kids, young and old, will like the new Power Rangers series. It is cool how they get their powers from gems, called Energems. There is even a Power Ranger who is a caveman. He is still alive and looks young because the gems stop the aging process of any Individual who holds it. Each ranger uses a gem and is ageless. Each ranger also has a unique talent they bring to the team.  There is a new evil villain named Sledge, and he has minions that the rangers go against

Watching the new episodes (1 – 4), I saw the fledging rangers work together and grow as a team. Fighting together, they became familiar with each other while at the same time working together at the Dino Café. Dino Charge can easily be a favorite of any Power Ranger fan since the story is unique and different from all the others.

Sledge is an intergalactic bounty hunter, and he wants to get his hands on the Energems, which the rangers unearthed and use for their own powerful dinosaur spirit. The rangers use Dino-fueled weapons, new Mega Zords, too. Together they must protect these gems at all costs from Sledge’s monster minions while keeping the whole universe safe.

Power Rangers Super Megaforce: The Legendary Battle

powerlegacyThe Legendary Battle picks up exactly where the last episode of Power Rangers ended. The citizens of Harwood are in a hopeless situation and in need of help. Carter and Dana, Red and Pink as Lightspeed Rescue Rangers show up and help. You might be surprise to see them returning as cameos in the series. That is what this series is all about, returning Power Rangers.  It is one of the best cameo returns for this series because Carter and Dana are still rescue workers.  It is great to see these two performing in their ideal environment.  Some of the other legendary Rangers fair pretty well, but Carter and Dana stand out strong.

Other legendary Power Rangers return to help the citizens as well.  Cassie, TJ and Leo save people and animals alike. They do functions that are not similar to their original nature, which makes the comebacks more interesting.  Most fans will smile seeing them not just back but in magnificent HD.

Then, the other Rangers wake up and truly see how bad everything has become. The Power Ranger team reunites with Gosei still the awful adviser, who absolutely does nothing to help the team. The story is strong at this point where the actors are stellar.  The pain on their faces shows the concern they have for helping the world. Andrew Gray turns a strong performance as well.

I don’t want to give the whole story away, but I hope I gave an idea of what to expect from the DVD set. The final episode has the extended 10-minutes longer version than the original TV version, which is a real treat. You will be able to see the realistic defeat of Emperor Mavro.

Another extra is add, a 10-minute Legacy documentary that features clips from the Shout Factory Power Ranger interviews.  This is the finale of the legacy that is well worth the effort and time to watch.

Power Rangers: The Perfect Storm

powermegaPower Rangers DVDs are so popular with the kids and some adults. Each collection is worth owning, and recently released The Perfect Storm is no expectation.  The five episodes are pure entertainment, and never fail the ardent fan.

One episode follows Orion, who unlocks every sixth ranger power while his helmet morphs revealing each one of the power ranger’s helmet designs with his costume.  As a result, the rangers lose their energy because it is taken from them when Orion morphs.  How will they get their power back? It is such a fun story to watch.

Another episode with a quirky twist is where one of the monsters becomes smitten with one of the rangers. A love triangle forms because another monster is trying to destroy the ranger to have the female monster all to himself.

The next episode is about two of the rangers who switch bodies.  It’s hilarious when they adjust, learn how to be the other power ranger, and notice the disparity in their personalities.  They even try to discover what trigger the change.

In another episode, Tensou ventures outside the command center in order to see the arrival of a fierce storm.  It approaches quickly, and Tensou is hit by lightning. He loses his memory and is lost. The other rangers search for him. Once they find him they do everything in their power to help him recover his memory.

I can see how the kids will go crazy over these storylines. Overall and of course, The Perfect Storm will please any Power Ranger fan.