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hatchedDirected by Xu Kerr, Hatched is billed as an animated adventure featuring the voices of Jeff Foxworthy (The Smurfs) and Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings).  The movie is about farmyard animals that are crazy and silly for kids to truly enjoy. I have to say, the characters are out-of-this-world and just take a look at their names.

Hatched has many chickens in the movie, so the DVD can be pop in the player for Easter or Spring Break. The movie is part of a planned trilogy with playfully named characters like Cluck Norris, voiced by Astin, Charlie Horse, voiced by Foxworthy.

We follow Cluck Norris as he handles mishaps with young chicks destine to learn how to fly. Chickpea, Tiny SchwarzHENegger, Meryl Cheep and Angelina Poultrie are the crazy farmyard animals that help get the youngsters flying.

Everyone sees that the chickens really can fly, but when their tiny alien pal, Magic, is in danger, the young chicks join the efforts of their animal neighbors to save their home and their friend from the villains. The villains are not that scary, so the kids shouldn’t get too scared watching this silly animated movie. The chicks become heroes, and they learn a lesson about the meaning of friendship.

All in all, let the kids watch the movie because the parents might get bored with all the silly farm animals quirky situations. The clever names based on current movie stars will go over the kids’ heads, but at least the parents can have a chuckle or two when the hear them.

Wiener Dog Internationals

wienerdogintDirected by Kevan Peterson, Wiener Dog Internationals is the sequel to Wiener Dog Nationals and is a fun movie for kids. We meet up again with John Shelly, the U.S. wiener dog racing champion, who with the Jack family kids, takes on the adventure of a lifetime by going to the Wiener Dog Internationals. I must admit there is plenty to bark about because the movie received the Dove Foundation seal of approval. That means it is safe for kids of all ages to watch.

The movie stars Golden Globe nominee Morgan Fairchild, who is best known for starring in another canine movie called Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2. Bryan Batt and Jason London also star in the wholesome movie.

The DVD also contains four episodic movies called “Minuscule” as a bonus for the purchase.

The Jack family and their wiener dog, Shelly, is at it again, and are entering the International World of Wiener Dog Racing. But this time, it is the kids sneaking off to enter Shelly in the Internationals. Yet, they find themselves caught in a sneaky plot orchestrated by Miss Merryweather, played Fairchild, which could hinder all wiener dog races for quite some time.

All in all, the sequel is better than the original movie. I will not spoil the movie by telling you the end. Still, the movie is fun to watch. We get to follow the kids and Shelly to see if they stop Miss Merryweather, and if Shelly wins another championship.