Welcome to Movie Roar

Movie Roar offers me a chance to share my experiences with you in the film industry and discuss movies.  Feel free to reach out to me any time by email.

I am an established freelance writer living in California. My writing credits include the published book, BREAKING INTO FILM, three screenplays, seven produced plays and numerous articles on the ever changing film industry.

I have humbly experienced great success as a producer for Demand Media Studios awarded “Content Producer of the Year” for such notable websites as eHow.com, Livestrong and AZ Central.  I collaborated with a talented team of filmmakers and editors. We produced over 800 video projects with experts in areas of fitness, cooking, social media, fashion and art.

My play, SHE’LL GET HERS, stage a reading at University of Texas at San Antonio where it received much praise and admiration.  The international one-act comedy was performed in Philadelphia, Sacramento, Quebec and other cities.

I spent some time writing for one of the top social media sites owned by Media Bistro, Social Times.  It was during this stint that I learned about the ever growing trend of social media and the value of investing my time in this industry, which brings me back to the roar of movies and film production.

I love the challenge of film production because the end does satisfy the means.  Movies roar on screen. They speak the hardship, the joy and rewards of life. They are uplifting and spellbinding.

I encourage you to share with me the roar of the movies.