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Chuggington Dash at the Docks

Delivery Dash at the Docks is the newest installment in the adventurous Chuggington DVD collection. The DVD holds six episodes from the fifth season of the Disney Junior series. The disc even has extra bonus features like Badge Quest Episodes: Buddy Badge and Follow the Leader and Coloring Pages. Kids should enjoy the bonus features as a special treat. We even meet two new characters, Daley and Skipper Stu.  Mothers know this preschool storyline is even fun to watch with their kids.

We follow Koko, and he is thrilled to be spending the day training with Chuggington’s new express delivery engine, Daley. Together they pick up and deliver important packages all around Chuggington, frequenting the bustling docks where Skipper Stu, Chuggington’s new Dock Master, is loading and unloading the ship. All of them go on adventures that any child will enjoy and learn the importance of patience, paying careful attention to detail and teamwork.

Of course, all the delightful engines will entertain and inspire youngsters again and again. They will be able to visit with Brewster, Koko, and Wilson, along with the other engines in Chuggington, on these grand adventures.

Chuggington: The Big Freeze

chuggbigfreezeThe weather is still not cold enough, but freezing high-speed adventure is on the way. My preschoolers were treated to the newest Chuggington DVD called Chuggington: The Big Freeze.

The latest popular DVD collection from the United Kingdom is entertaining with six episodes. There are adventures for preschoolers while teaching lessons about right and wrong and sharing.  It is no wonder this is a highly rated show distributed by Disney.

One episode is a holiday special called The Big Freeze. The chuggers perform one heroic rescue after another. The kids learn from these shows by watching the characters solve situations that are presented to them. Like, when icy temperatures cause the town to run out of fuel and all diesel engines are grounded. They solve the problem as Chief Jackman and his team of brave Chug Patrollers work together to find a way to the frozen docks to retrieve fuel and get the town of Chuggington moving once again.  It also teaches preschoolers important lessons about safety, responsibility and teamwork as they watch Wilson, Koko, Brewster, and Asher.

Another episode includes one where Fletch tries to repair the lighthouse, and Calley tests to become a first responder. Another is where the kids get to watch Brewster get closer to being a Chuggineer. The lessons taught in these shows are so helpful.  The series has great characters for kids to watch and get to know.

Peppa Pig School Bus Trip

peppa schoolbusPeppa Pig is a clever television show for kids. The British accents add to its hilarity, and then there is the character’s staunch ability to fall over and laugh at the end of each episode. It can’t go unnoticed by all. My kids love seeing them jump in muddy puddles or feed the insatiable ducks. It is so funny.

Still, the show is realistic, showing family life as animals. Each different animal depicts the diversity of people in real life. This concept comes through to the kids. We all need to get along with each other no matter how different we are as animals. Peppa Pig School Bus Trip includes ten episodes to keep the kids busy.

Anyone who knows the show appreciates the fact it shows kids getting ready for school. Nothing like a little encouragement with that topic is what I always say.  Anyone who is a fan of the show or who has never seen Peppa will enjoy this DVD in their collection. The set includes a Mini Book, too.