XX Anthology

Directed by Jeff Garlin, I know that horror films are very popular because the ones that I get my hands one sell like hot cakes. XX is a collection of short horror films that are unfamiliar for a lot of horror fans, they will catch your interest. You should give them a shot because like most horror movies you have a 50/50 chance of ending up with something which is overall worth your time and money.

This collection is produced well and acted well, but it’s nothing to get super excited about because, honestly the first short film The Box was really the only one worth watching that I enjoyed, the rest, well, were not that great. Still, you might the other because horror movies are so diverse.

Being a horror fan it intrigues you. There is a good chance you will more than I did. I am not saying it is a bad collection, but I do feel the horror experience should have been better. Either way, if you are a horror fan let me know what you think.

Overall, it is an anthology that shows a variety of styles. Each filmmaker’s expression is distinctive and contemporary, and it makes for an awfully good horror viewing.

Like I said The Box is a deep story and Only Living Son is a second best with a more thematically deep, straight horror and dark comedy. You crave horror, then you won’t be disappointed.