Full of Grace

full of graceUnderstanding the passion related to Christian stories has flocked our existence since the beginning of telling stories. Each biblical story brings an example to us while the parables offer a lesson, and here we have the Virgin Mary’s story, “It’s not about explaining things. It about living…”

Directed and written by Andrew Hyatt, Full of Grace captures the soul of the perfection of our Lord Jesus and his blessed Mother. Even though the movie was produced on an indie budget, it still shines with the Christian influences of heart and soul.

The movie is about the Virgin Mary played by Bahia Haifi with pure dignity, gravity, and the keen sense of maternity that is related to such a heroine.  We follow as she deals with the rising church after the Resurrection and Ascension of Our Lord. Mary spends her final days helping the church regain its original encounter with the Lord.

The movie is awe inspiring with a very fitting musical score composed by Sean Johnson. As the movie follows Mary, the story speaks from her heart to every angle for each generation. Hyatt wove a masterful message while sharing the love and understanding of a mother, particularly the Holy Mother of God. With that, Hyatt won the Reel Rose Award for Best Feature Length Screenplay at John Paul II International Film Festival.

The movie is indeed very Christian for all Christian beliefs from Protestants to Catholics and the ones in between.

I would not be surprised if this movie played at every church social night because it does educate.  It does reaffirm the gospel of Lord Jesus. Whether you are a true believer or just an interested bystander, the story is good to know since society has lost its idealism and social graces, and we need to be reminded how important religion is to our existence.