Where Hope Grows

wherehopegrowsWritten and directed by Chris Dowling, Where Hope Grows stars Kristoffer Polaha as Calvin Campbell, a former professional baseball player. He would rather spend his time drinking with his buddies than spend time with his troubled seventeen year old daughter named Katie. She is going out with an older guy, who is all hands and aching for a touch. Katie knows her father doesn’t approve of him, yet she runs to her boyfriend’s arms when her dad pays no heed to her wanting his attention.

Calvin goes to the local grocery store to pick up some food and alcohol. He meets an employee with Down syndrome named Produce, who just happens to work in the produce department. He a reliable employee, who knows all the produce SKU numbers by heart. Calvin is impressed with Produce because he works hard and recognition from management eludes him, but that doesn’t stop him from working just as hard. He makes lot of friends with the customers because he is so helpful. Even Calvin wants to be his friend for some obscure reason he thinks Produce can help him get his life back on track.

It is easy to see where the story goes from here as a Faith-based movie. There is a lesson learned through redemption and paying attention to the ones you love. The movie is predictable with fine acting. The movie’s message “not under-estimating people” or “not giving up on people” is clear and needs to be shared.

Bonus extras on the Blu-ray include deleted scenes, digital HD copy, audio commentary with Chris Dowling, and a feature about the casting of David DeSanctis, who does a fine job playing Produce.