Gomer Pyle Entertains Even Today

gomerpyleGomer Pyle is a classic television series that meets the needs of good programming on television today. As a kid growing up, I savored the show while watching it with my family. The earlier seasons of all the episodes are so entertaining.

The first episode to watch, if I were you, is the series pilot that was spun from The Andy Griffith Show. In this episode we watch as Gomer (Jim Nabors) enlists in the U.S. Marine Corps. Andy is worried about Gomer because he doesn’t think he will fit in with the troop. He even hangs around waiting to give him a ride back home, which never happens and a great show is hatched.

The DVD set is almost perfect in picture quality and sound that is worth the price I paid for it. If you like great, wholesome stories, then you will enjoy watching each episode with people of all ages. I found these shows had great laughs and tons of humor. The huge DVD case contains all five seasons with Gomer Pyle (Nabors), a naive country boy who leaves his hometown of Mayberry to join the U.S. Marine Corps. Gomer is a perpetual wide-eyed innocence young man, who gets on the nerves of his tough, loudmouthed sergeant, Vince Carter (Frank Sutton). The complete series also comes with special features including commentary from Nabors.

All I can say is these kinds of television shows are obsolete. For people like me, who know about these shows, and understand the value they hold, can’t express enough how much they can be enjoyed. Yet, they may be dated and silly or just plan corny. Still, you should take the time and watch them. You will have great clean laughs.