Matlock Greatest Cases

I have always appreciated Andy Griffith with his wholesome choices in television shows like The Andy Griffitmatlockh Show. I am not an ardent fan of Matlock, his last series, though I found it attention-grabbing and a DVD worth its weight in gold.  Matlock Greatest Cases rests on my library shelf.

CBS promotes Greatest Cases as the best of Matlock. I am inclined to agree. The Marriage Counselor is a jovial episode with some funny tongue and cheek escapades. Viewing all the episodes left me interested in more Matlock cases, and I am sure they will come forth on DVDs.

I digress on the fact that before Andy Griffith headed over to television he riveted audiences with his performance as Larry ‘Lonesome’ Rhodes in A Face in the Crowd, also starring Patricia Neal, Anthony Franciosa, Lee Remick and Walter Matthau.

If you are not familiar with the TV Show, Andy Griffith stars as well-known criminal defense attorney Ben Matlock. He takes on some of the toughest cases with remarkable rivals.

The roster of guest stars alone will encourage you to view the DVD. The cast includes Don Knotts, Dick Van Dyke, Bryan Cranston and Scott Bakula.  I could joke around and say it would be a felony to miss these shows, but I was entertained watching shady siblings, an eccentric millionaire and a killer comic to name a few.

All in all, I’ve listed the episodes for your perusal.  Let me know if you recognize any of them, and enjoy the DVD.


The Judge

The Sisters

The Power Brokers: Part 1

The Power Brokers: Part 2

The Lemon

The Talk Show

The Brothers

The Marriage Counselor

The Big Payoff

The Debt

The Last Laugh

The Dare