Liars Fires and Bears

liars fires bears

If you are into movies like I am, you know that original movies are hard to come by. The cookie cutter process film studios stick to is en nausea. I understand why they keep to the same formula because it makes money. If the original Die Hard had not been a multi-million dollar hit, another film genre would have been over produced today. Enough said because on rare occasions we come across an original film, thanks to film festivals, that is truly original. I am talking about Liars Fires and Bears.

Brinkvision sent this gem to me about a month ago. Due to a shifty move by a former website hosting company, I am finally able to tell you about this movie.  Liars Fires and Bears is a story worth watching.

liars jeremy_cloe

University of Nevada graduate and AFI alumni Jeremy Cloe directed the unpretentious indie, which is his first feature film. He tells a simple story of two people individually alike but hard on their luck. The actors create characters that are imperfect but real in a rather refreshing way.

The story grabbed my attention, right away. It held me throughout the movie with stellar acting, talented cinematography by Brett Austin Walters and Cloe’s directing and editing.

Eve and Dave meet up and go on a journey together that is not only thought provoking but curiously pleasing. Megli Micek plays Eve brilliantly and dominates the screen while Lundon Boyd, who also co-wrote the script, plays Dave and clearly has met his match.

Cloe draws us into their story. We understand them and become part of their unfortunate and desperate situations. Softly emotions run high because Eve is a young girl and a constant mystery of how she can truly survive so far down on her luck. I have to say it again. The movie is refreshing, and a solid reason why we need to attend and support film festivals.